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April 2021

Director's Message

An Impact Story

Counseling During Covid

An Impact Story


Sandi* came to Christian Family Services in her third trimester after learning about CFS from a Facebook group. Already a mom, Sandi was looking for additional support so that she could parent a second child. Sandi had significant trauma from her last employment and was staying with family after getting kicked out of her apartment by the father of the baby. Sandi was unemployed, homeless, and in need of support. 


She requested weekly visits in order to receive the support she needed. During these visits, Sandi completed relevant training classes on having a healthy pregnancy, positive parenting, and life skills. CFS also helped to provide supplies and pay certain living expenses. Despite the support from CFS and her worker, Sandi continued to stay in limbo without much forward progress, even after the birth of her beautiful baby boy. 


The onset of the coronavirus pandemic saw Sandi staying with other family members and unable to hold a job for more than a few days. However, as time went on and with continued support from her CFS social worker, Sandi started making significant progress. Within a short time, Sandi was able to move into her own apartment, set up school and childcare for her kids, and start a job she felt was a good fit for her. Sandi completed the program with flying colors and referred another long-term client to CFS. Great job Sandi!   Thank you for your on going support so we can help more “Sandi’s”.

* The names have been changed, but the story is real.

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