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Christian Family Services, Inc. is proud to have the support of many members and organizations in the community. By partnering with the below entities, CFS is able to expand our reach in the community and further our mission to Love, Serve, Empower, and Connect.

AdoptMatch is a nonprofit organization based in California whose goal is to connect ethical adoption agencies to expectant and hopeful adoptive parents. 

Alliance for Life works to connect pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, maternity homes, and post-abortion ministries together to promote cooperation, collaboration, and connection in order to meet the needs of at-risk families. 

CAFO connects individuals, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other networks to work towards the goal of caring for vulnerable children and families. 

The Combined Federal Campaign vets charities and nonprofit organizations to ensure that your donations are going towards a cause you care about. 

Network 1:27 focuses on the teachings of Genesis, 1 Samuel, and James to provide networking for Christ-centered childcare agencies across the United States. 

The Jefferson Foundation provides supports to community organizations throughout the Jefferson County region to support the health of individuals and the community as a whole.

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