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April 2021

Director's Message

An Impact Story

Counseling During Covid

Counseling During Covid

By Eric McPherson

Counseling Director


Genesis 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”


The global pandemic certainly has been a unique experience and a difficult challenge in so many ways.  We have all been affected: many have been sick, lost loved ones or had their lives turned upside down.  All of us have had our work or employment changed in a manner we could not have imagined before the year 2020.


Change is difficult and it forced me

into a different rhythm. 

Eric McPherson - Director of Family Life

This is certainly true for the counseling staff at CFS.  Before the pandemic, I could not have imagined doing virtual counseling.  Others on the staff had broached the idea, but I was very resistant because I believed so strongly in the face to face method of therapy.  There is just an energy or presence when two people are in the same room together that cannot be replaced.  Then 2020 happened and the shutdown came quickly.  CFS was forced to pivot the manner in which we delivered our services.  The suggestion was made to move to a virtual format using which is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software.  We made the move immediately and it has been a big blessing to come out of this experience.


Virtual counseling has allowed us to continue and even grow our counseling services in difficult times.  It makes it so convenient for our clients to connect with us. They can access our virtual counseling services from home, their car, or even their bathroom.  Our cancellations and no shows have dropped dramatically while the session numbers go up.  It saves our clients time and gas money and allows our staff to have more flexibility and capability to meet our client’s needs. Virtual counseling has forever changed the way we will do counseling moving forward.  We can imagine using this telemedicine platform for a large portion of our clients even after we get passed this current hurdle.


While it has been a blessing for our clients and our counselors, it also has been difficult for our counselors.  Teletherapy is more exhausting, so we have to be even more aware of self-care and our energy levels available to meet client needs.  Our counseling staff at CFS (Steve, Sally, Lisa, Sarah, Jeff and Lindsay) have been awesome!  They made the shift quickly and efficiently and have done a wonderful job through difficult times.  A big “Thank You!” goes out to them and our front office staff whose support we could not do without!


All of us have been affected by this pandemic.  All of us are more anxious, lonely, isolated, frustrated or depressed.  If you are in need of support, please consider the ease of using CFS virtual counseling services.  All you have to do is call the office at 314-968-2216 and Alec or Emily will walk you through the process.


What is intended for harm, God intended it for good.  Blessings always come out of suffering.  There are many good things that will come out of this suffering and for CFS, virtual counseling is one of them

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