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We want you to understand every aspect of adoption, so here are some of the words you may hear us use as we describe the process.  We're here to answer any question.

Birthparent/ Expectant parent professional counseling

It is not traditional “counseling” as many may think. No one is trying to analyze or “fix” you. Birthparent professional counseling is meant to inform you about your options and to make the adoption process as positive as possible by reflecting your preferences and desires.


Expectant parent/s

A pregnant mom and her partner


Birth parent/s

Parents who made an adoption plan for their child/ren, also called “First parents”.


Adoptive parent/s

Families who have adopted a child who is not their biological offspring.


Identifying Information

Specific information about a person that includes full or last name, address, employer, phone numbers, or other data which might be used to identify or locate the individual.


Closed Adoption

An adoption in which there is little or no contact ever facilitated between birth parents and the adoptive family. The families may meet before or after the birth of the child, but no identifying information (addresses, last names etc.) are shared.

Semi-open Adoption

An adoption in which some contact is maintained between birth family and adoptive family, usually without the exchange of identifying information and often facilitated by an adoption agency. Families who choose semi-open adoption usually exchange pictures, letters, updates and meet for visits etc. However, the identifying information is not shared.


Open Adoption

An adoption where the birth and adoptive families share their identifying information, such as their first and last names, phone numbers, addresses with each other. This type of adoption allows the families to communicate directly with each other, instead of through the agency.

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