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Families need to be together.

But sometimes things change: a single parent has to enter the hospital…a father loses his job and can’t support his family… a family loses temporary housing or other basic necessities. When these happen we try to help the family through difficult times and see them reunited as soon as possible. When a young mother decides to place her infant for adoption, ConnectCare Families are called on to provide the constant care and attention so critical to a child’s emotional development and to give him or her a good start in life. Our ConnectCare program allows the natural or adoptive parents to retain legal custody of their child. While the child is in care, a social worker works with the child’s parents to set goals and to find help in solving the problems that necessitated placement. ConnectCare families are basically like other families: they’re not smarter or richer or better parents. They are just willing to open their home to a child for awhile. They take in children, love them, care for them – all the time preparing the children for the day when they will return to their natural or adoptive parents.

If your family is in need of help or if you would like to become a ConnectCare family, please contact us at (314) 968-2216 or email Sue Stevens at

We believe that regardless of race, sex, or religion, families deserve stability and hope for a future.  CFS strives to provide resources to the community that will reinforce the family.

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