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Over 600,000 human embryos are in frozen storage in the U.S. Each embryo in storage is a life full of potential; the hope of a child created by couples pursuing pregnancy via in vitro fertilization (IVF).   Some of these couples have completed their efforts to build a family and must determine what to do with their remaining embryos. Keep them frozen? Donate them to science? Discard them? OR give them to another couple pursuing their dream of having children!


The actual process of embryo adoption is governed by contract law in the United States. Several adoption agencies and clinics have chosen to wrap the process in the safeguards of established adoption best practices. This protects the parents, the child and the donor family.


Hundreds of couples, even those who have been unsuccessful with their own IVF, have given birth to children through embryo adoption. Embryo adoption is a proven, viable adoption choice.


Before being matched with an embryo, a couple needs an adoptive home study.  Christian Family Services, Inc. provides adoption home study services for domestic, international and embryo adoptions.


More information about Embryo Adoption can be found on the following websites:

The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center is a comprehensive, neutral information source regarding embryo adoption. Our goal is to increase awareness throughout the United States regarding this exciting and unique adoption choice. The website contains answers to many of your frequently asked questions, videos regarding embryo adoption, personal stories of those who have adopted embryos and much more.


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