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Yanji and Ryan

Home: St. Louis

Number of children currently in the home: 0

Ryan's hobbies:  Running, Skiing, Board games

Yanji's hobbies:  Baking, Hiking, Cooking

Ethnicity preference: Caucasian, Asian, Any Mixed

Age preference: newborn - four years

Adoption type:  Open, semi-open, closed

About Us

We are Ryan and Yanji, we met in Ohio in 2011 where Ryan was stationed in the Air Force and Yanji was finishing her degree in nursing. Ryan grew up on the East Coast of the US while Yanji grew up on the East Coast of China. We married after a year and a half of dating then moved to Alabama then to St. Louis.


Through all the moves and changes of being in the service then transitioning to civilian life a few things have always been constants in our family; our strong Christian faith and involvement in church, a love of good food, and the excitement of exploring new places. Now that we have settled in St Louis where Ryan works as an engineer and Yanji is a nurse, we have found the same things we have always valued, a great church family, a joy of cooking and eating together, and a yearly travel adventure to somewhere new.


While both of our families are physically far from us we have a great Church small group of other young married couples and all their kids who are our family here. We are looking forward to sharing these joys with a child and experiencing the adventures of every day with them.

Our Message To You

As Christians we are adopted by God; we believe that children are special gifts from God. We want to expand our family but after six years of marriage we are not able to carry our own child.


We believe that we are called to adopt, to open our home and to love and care for your child. We appreciate your great love and sacrifice for placing your child for adoption. We will be extremely honored to be your child's teachers and Godly parents.


We have built a solid foundation for our marriage and we are ready to provide a loving, caring, and supportive home for your child. We have strong family and church family support to help us raise your child successfully. Raising a child is a life-long commitment just like marriage, we are ready to make that commitment.

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