Pregnancy Options

The moment you receive a positive pregnancy test result, you may be overcome with a tidal wave of emotions. Pregnancy is a life-altering event that can evoke feelings of excitement, joy, and uncertainty, or in the case of unwanted pregnancy, fear, panic, and even despair. Regardless of whether your pregnancy is planned or not, you do not have to go it alone—help is available every step of the way. Read on to learn more about pregnancy options available to you.










Once you find out you’re pregnant, you are faced with the important question of what to do next. It can be helpful to seek support from a third party. Pregnancy centers can connect you to a licensed social worker who can listen without judgment or bias, and ask thoughtful, open-ended questions to support you as you consider your next steps.


A woman may decide that the best option for her and her child is to entrust care to an adoptive family. This is a highly personal and difficult decision. Support personnel within an adoption program can guide you through the adoption process. There are several types of adoption to choose from based on the desired level of contact with the adoptive family and your child.

Closed Adoption

  • No contact between you and the adoptive family

  • All matters are handled through a third party

  • Adoption records are sealed

Open Adoption

  • Full contact with the adoptive family

  • Contact information exchanged

  • Mutually agreed-upon terms for meeting

Semi-open Adoption

  • Some exchange of information

  • In-person meetings are usually arranged by a third party

  • Option to become fully open if both parties agree

Parenting Support

Should you choose to keep your child, plenty of resources exist to support you throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for parenting. There are classes to teach parenting skills and programs to obtain pregnancy and baby supplies. Pregnancy centers can also assist you in accessing prenatal care.

If you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, Christian Family Services can help.

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