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Helping Single Parents Bond With Their Children

As a single parent, do you find your relationship with your child to be strained? Strained relationships are common between single parents and their children. You are not alone! Since one parent is absent from the household, the other members bear the responsibility of filling in the gap. What can a parent do to improve their relationship with their child?

Studies have shown that working with your children, instead of commanding them, can improve your relationship. As the parent, you are always in charge, but children feel more appreciated and valued when they feel their ideas and concerns are heard. Parents can do this when creating rules for their children by listening to what their children believe are reasonable rules. You can also negotiate on the consequences by saying something like, “What do you think is a reasonable punishment for not cleaning your room?” The simple task of listening can go a long way in the parent-child relationship.

Through listening, parents can also learn more about their children. There are so many different types of personalities; not one person is created precisely like another. For instance, introverts and extroverts express themselves and respond differently, making listening an important skill to have as a parent. Through listening, parents can develop a greater understanding of their child’s personality, values, interests, and forms of communication.

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