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Jennifer and Eric

Home: St. Louis

Number of Children currently in the home: 0

Eric's Hobbies:  Photography, travel, movies

Jennifer's hobbies:  Music, cooking, dance  

Ethnicity preference: Caucasian

Age preference: newborn - 12 months

Adoption type:  Open, semi-open, or closed

About Us

We met at church in 2005, and were also matched online (whoa!). We got engaged after dating for a year, then got married in 2007. We live in the St. Louis area, and have a wonderful, supportive family.


Eric is a Mechanical Engineer and currently works for a marine equipment company. Jennifer is a Para / Teacher Assistant at a local high school, and works with students with special needs. Together we enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, taking care of our pet bird, playing games, taking walks, making each other laugh, and hanging out at home. 


As Christians, we have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, and our faith drives everything we do. We have been involved in our church for many years.

We have experienced significant loss and heartbreak as we have tried to grow our family, but we have seen God’s goodness through it all. He has led us to this point of pursuing adoption, and we are excited to see how our story unfolds.

Our Message To You

We are so thankful for your consideration of us to be the adoptive parents of your child. You have made one of the most difficult decisions a person could ever face, but we know you have done so out of a deep love for your child that you will certainly always carry in your heart. Even if we are not who you choose, please know that your decision to choose life for your child is something we are grateful for.


We both know we are meant to be parents, and have an incredible amount of love to give. It would be a joy and a privilege to raise a child in our home; to experience all the firsts, celebrate successes, and to comfort when there is sadness. Ultimately, our hope and prayer is to raise a child who loves the Lord and will live a life that reflects Him. We know we aren't perfect, and we expect we will have our share of challenges as parents. Parenting is not something we will take lightly. It is a huge responsibility, and we will be committed to caring for and providing for our child the best we can.

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