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June 2020

Director's Message

Jefferson County

Change Is Difficult

Change is Difficult

By Eric McPherson

Counseling Director


I like rhythm and routine.  I don’t like change.  I like the constant rhythm of my life which is kept by going to church, family meals, special occasions, sporting events and the gathering of friends.  In an instant, it was all taken away by the current pandemic and corresponding quarantine.  Change is difficult and it forced me into a different rhythm.  


Our life at CFS was no different.  I like the routine of coming into the office and seeing my coworkers and clients.  There was a rhythm to my workday and that was all disrupted.  But change can be very good for us.  It has been very good for our counseling program at CFS.


Change is difficult and it forced me

into a different rhythm. 

Eric McPherson - Director of Family Life

Since the advent of quarantine, we had to quickly adjust to tele-health services by providing counseling sessions virtually through technology.  I have been against virtual counseling in the past because face to face counseling seems to be much more helpful and effective.  But we had no choice and the change has been good.


We have been able to increase our services and our service area through tele-health services. We have been able to do more therapy sessions since the quarantine started.  We are also able to maintain relationships with clients who have moved out of the area.  Before, they would have had to find a new therapist which can be daunting, now we can maintain the counselor-client relationship no matter where they move. 


 It is more convenient for our clients to make appointments.  Whether time or distance was the obstacle, now neither gets in the way.  Using a secure link, they can access counseling through their laptop or phone from anywhere.  They can have a session from their home, car, or workplace.  It has cut down on cancellations and no-shows dramatically.  


We will eventually go back to face to face counseling and I cannot wait for that.  But virtual counseling has been a tremendous positive change for us.  We will continue to use tele-health beyond the pandemic to better meet the needs of our clients.  If you are interested in setting up a conseling appointment, call our offices at 314-968-2216.


Change is indeed difficult but it has been a blessing as well.

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