March 2020

Director's Message

A Good News Story

Tell A Better Story


In marriage, we all tell ourselves a story in our head about the relationship. Many times, our spouse never know what we are thinking.  One of the most important things we can do to have a successful marriage is to tell ourselves a better story.  Faith is the story we tell ourselves and this is true in marriage as well. 


The natural human tendency is to notice the negative or what is wrong.  We naturally assume the worst.  This tendency, this fear, the need to plan for mistakes and disaster helped us survive on this planet for eons.  Sometimes, it is not helpful for our marriages.

There are enough problems in a healthy marriage to deal with.  We don't need to add to it by telling ourselves a negative story.  We often assume the worst motives of our spouse.  What if you assumed the best?  What would you lose?  When there is a problem, what if you assumed your spouse was doing their best based on what they know?


Since we make these words up in our head, we can make up good words.  When we make up negative words, we create a negative story.  Change your marriage by choosing better words.

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