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June 2020

Director's Message

Jefferson County

Change Is Difficult


CFS Reaches into Jefferson C ounty


CFS is excited to share that we have been awarded funding through the Jefferson Foundation for our third consecutive year. These funds allow us the opportunity to maintain a presence in Jefferson County by renting office space for our counselors and social workers, advertising our services, and subsidizing sessions for counseling clients who would not otherwise be able to receive services.

In Jefferson County, CFS celebrated our first ConnectCare family in December and our first adoptive placement in April. These events mark two major milestones for CFS in the last six months as we continue to expand services in Jefferson County. During the COVID-19 pandemic, workers have continued to serve the county through virtual visits with both clients and community resources, and by providing needed supplies to clients.


Social workers began CFS’ second round of annual parenting classes on June 9th. These classes utilize the Nurturing Parenting curriculum to encourage positive parent/child engagement. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these normally in-person classes were first delayed, then moved online. Despite the set-back, workers have received high interest in the classes and every spot was filled!

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