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Director's Message
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June 2020

Director's Message

Jefferson County

Change is Difficult


Directors Message

In the midst of the challenges of our COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen so many changes that have been positive!  Many individuals and families have been able to slow down and do more together, decide on better self-care and accomplish a lot of items on that proverbial “honey do lists”!


Our counseling program has seen some forced changes that have actually enriched our program!  (See Eric McPherson’s article, “Change is Difficult”.   


There are many places in the Bible that condemns injustice and strongly encourages people of faith

to stand for justice for all.


We have also seen many of what we are calling, “Pandemic Miracles”.  Items and events that wouldn’t have happened if the virus hadn’t forced us to do some things differently.  Here are a few of those “miracles” that our social workers have seen:


  • We have seen clients become more independent during this difficult time by the grace of God. One client who has severe mental and physical challenges is using this time of isolation to build a stronger attachment to her kids. She even went on Youtube and learned how to braid her daughter’s hair and the result was simply beautiful!!

  • Another client, during this time of job loss, was able to FIND a job working as a patient care tech at a local children’s hospital. She is now assisting nurses take care of babies in the NICU and doing a great job!

  • Due to the pandemic, online parenting classes are being accepted by Children’s Division resulting in a full parenting class series that started June 9th! Because of the change, we have doubled in attendance!


As a write this article, we are seeing more changes in our American landscape.  I am saddened by the recent events that have troubled our nation for some time.  Racism is contrary to the heart of God.  It breaks each of our hearts.  It is sin.


There are many places in the Bible that condemns injustice and strongly encourages people of faith to stand for justice for all.  Jesus also calls His people to be known by love.  Love and justice must be values that characterize who we are to be pleasing to God.  Racism is a quality that God hates and should not be a part of the thoughts or actions of any Christian. 


May we all be in prayer for each other and our nation.  May we truly love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 10:27).

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