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Let’s Get Started – I Want To Make An Adoption Plan

Each pregnancy is unique, and the same is true for your adoption plan.

Each plan is individualized and your needs and desires may be different from other expectant parents.

You will have social workers who will listen and help you through this important decision.  We will give you the necessary information and support to make the best choice for you and your child.

Contact Us

When you are ready, contact us in the way you are most comfortable.  You can e-mail, call, or text us directly.


(314) 968-2216 (if you live in Missouri)
(618) 397-7678 (if you live in Illinois)
(800) 264-2216 (Toll Free)

Text: (314) 326-1268

Talk Face to Face With Your Social Worker

We will meet at a location that is convenient and comfortable to you.  This could be at a restaurant or our offices.  We will not pressure you to make one particular choice.  Our role is to share information about your choices, rights, and responsibilities.  We will talk about the different types of adoption.  If you decide that this is what you want, we will work with you to make your own unique adoption plan.

Choose an Adoptive Family

You will complete an Ideal Adoptive Family Profile which will tell us what you want in an adoptive family.  Based on your preferences, we will show you some family profile books that match what you want in a family.  If you want to meet them, we will set up a meeting to do so.

If you do not want to meet or do not want to choose the family, we will respect your wishes and make your adoption plan suited for you and your needs.

Hospital Plan

We want to make this time as comfortable for you as possible.  To accomplish this, we will need to discuss and determine who you want to be present, how much time you want to spend with the baby after the birth, whether you want the adoptive parents to be there, and how much time you would want them to have with the baby.  Be sure to let your social worker know what you want and we will honor your requests.


Decide If You Want To Continue With Your Adoption Plan

After the baby is born, your worker will check in with you to find out if you want to continue with your adoption plan.  You have to decide if adoption is right for you, before and after the birth of the child.

If you need more time to decide and you do not want the baby at home with you or placed with an adoptive family, we have ConnectCare Families available to you until you reach your final decision.


Based on your decision, your social worker will provide the legal paperwork for you to sign that will be submitted to the court to make the adoption plan legal and permanent.

Post-Adoption Support

Your social worker will be available for continued support even after the adoption is finalized.  The relationship does not end after your child is with the adoptive parents.  The choice is yours.

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