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FAQs About Adoption

Got Questions?

1. I’m not sure I can care for my baby but how can I just “give it away?”

Just by asking this question shows you have deep love for your child. And there are no easy answers. But ultimately you are searching because you want to give your child the very best future possible. By choosing a loving family to raise your child you are choosing a family who can meet the needs you are unable to meet yourself.


2. Will I get to choose the adoptive family for my child?

Absolutely! You will be shown profile books with photos of families waiting to adopt. Your child will be placed with the family of your choice. You may also choose to meet with the family before the adoption occurs. In addition, if you do not want to choose the adoptive family, we will respect your wishes and the agency will be responsible for making that choice.


3. Does the birthfather of my child have any rights?

Yes he does. If you are still in a relationship with him, our maternity social worker will work with you as a couple if you wish. Otherwise, he can be contacted by our social worker to inform him of his parental rights and about the process of terminating those rights. If you are not sure who the birthfather is, our social worker can still work with you to take the legal steps required.


4. Will I ever get to see my child?

Yes. After your child is born, during your hospital stay, you can hold and be with your child as much or as little as you desire. In Missouri, termination of your parental rights cannot happen until at least 48 hours after the baby is born. In Illinois, you must wait until 72 hours after the child is born to sign paperwork terminating parental rights.


Once the child has been placed with an adoptive family, it is up to the family how much contact is initiated with you. We will do our best as an agency to match you with an adoptive family who is willing to provide the amount of contact you desire (from receiving pictures and letters to arranging visits).


5. How can I be sure my baby will be well cared for?

Our adoptive families go through an extremely thorough screening process. Their background is checked as well as their health, marriage, and ability to be good parents.


6. Is this going to cost me any money?

No. Our agency services are free to you. All legal and medical fees will be paid by either our agency or the adoptive parents.


7. I’ve heard people say it is better to have an abortion than place a child for adoption. Am I a terrible person for thinking about adoption?

Adoption is a gift of love. If you are considering adoption, it means you are a strong and unique person. It means you are trying to make the very best decision for your baby. Making an adoption plan means that you are not terrible but terribly unselfish.


8. If I decide to make an adoption plan today, can I still change my mind?

Making an adoption plan is serious and will eventually become permanent. However, you are able to change your mind after the birth of your baby, up to the time your parental rights are terminated by a court of law.  Our maternity social worker will work closely with you during the process to make sure you are able to make the best choice for you and your baby.


9. What can I expect after the adoption?

Our maternity social worker will stay in contact with you, help you talk through your feelings and make sure you know you are not alone. You may choose if and when you want to discontinue counseling support.  Christian Family Services, Inc. has licensed professional counselors who will meet with you if you need additional support.

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