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Supporting CFS comes in many forms.

From donations and volunteering, to being on an event committee or leading a fundraiser; the children and families that CFS serves need your love.  Get involved.  Foster.  Adopt.  We encourage you to show your love for the children and families in need in our community.  To find out how you can become a part of the effort to foster, adopt and support those that CFS serves, call us at (314) 968-2216.  We welcome your time, your talent and your love as we strive to bring critical help and support to children and families in need.

Pregnancy Resource Center State Tax Credit

CFS is excited to announce that we have qualified for the new Missouri Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit Program.  What is this?  CFS is a qualified Pregnancy Resource Center which means that we assist women with unplanned or crisis pregnancies and encourage them to carry their pregnancies to term.  By contributing to a qualified pregnancy resource center (like CFS), Missouri taxpayers can help fund services for women with unplanned or crisis pregnancies while earning a state tax credit. You have four years to claim the tax credit.  For example, a $1000 donation to CFS can earn you a $500 Missouri state tax credit which comes directly off your total tax bill.  If you owed the state of Missouri $750, the $500 tax credit would reduce your tax bill to $250 and you can still count the entire $1000 as a donation off your federal income tax.  For a $1000 donation, you can save more than $800 off your taxes depending on your tax bracket.  CFS is giving out $250 tax credits for a minimum donation of $500.   We can help you with the completion and submission of the required paperwork.  To find out how you can help in our mission of “Finding Homes for Children” while earning a tax credit and to get the tax credit please call Eric McPherson at 314-968-2216 or email him at


Gifts of Memorial and Honorary

CFS has a tradition where people give a gift of love in memory of someone special to them who has passed away or in honor of the loved one for a special occasion.  We will send a notification of your generosity and thoughtfulness to the family of the person who has passed  or to the person honored.  The gift is also recognized in our next newsletter.  If you would like to offer a gift of love to honor someone special, download and fill out this form.

Making a Planned Gift

There are many ways to employ good stewardship with all our blessings even after our passing from this earth.  Planned giving can make a tremendous impact beyond our own lifetime for generations to come.  Many people have found a way to support CFS, make a lasting difference, and provide needed support to those we service through planned giving.  There are many ways to support CFS through:

Charitable Gift Annuities
Wills & Bequests
Gifts of Retirement Assets
Gifts of Appreciated Assets/Stock
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Gifts of Life Insurance

Will you partner with us to help others?  If you would like to speak with us about any of these opportunities, please contact Steve Awtrey at

Timothy Campaign

In 1986, Christian Family Services established the Timothy Change Can Campaign to help defray the medical expenses of a child in our care named Timothy.  Every year following we have collected much needed funds to help pay for hospitalization, doctor’s fees, medical expenses, clothing, infant formula, daycare and associated costs related to children in our foster care and adoption programs.  Since there are rarely any extra funds available for these costs and their parents have little money for these expenses, it falls on CFS to pay the bills.

Service Opportunities

ConnectCare: Familes need to be together. But sometimes things go wrong: a single parent has to enter the hospital… a father loses his job and can’t support his family… a family loses temporary housing or other basic necessities. When these happen we try to help the family through difficult times and see them reunited as soon as possible. Voluntary foster care allows the natural parents to reatin legal custody of their child. While the child is in foster care, a social worker works with the child’s parents to set goals and to find help in solving the problems that necessitated placement.

Adoption: Give some thought to adopting… so many children are waiting for permanent homes: older children, sibling groups, minority and medical fragile children. For these kids there just aren’t enough families willing to adopt. There are also young parents unprepared to care for a child who have made the difficult decision that it would be best for their child to grow up in an adoptive home. Because of that loving decision, many children have been brought together with families who have waited years for such an opportunity.

Family Life Program: Because CFS has the reputation in the community for providing compassionate and professional assistance, we receive many calls for help. The benefits of the Family Life Program are far-reaching and life changing. All of our therapists are well trained and have received proper credentials in their respective fields and share a commitment to therapy from a Christian perspective.

At CFS , we believe every child and family needs a healthy home. It is our mission and focus. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. Your gift will bring hope and health to children and families in need in Missouri and Illinois.


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Make a donation to CFS today!  We process all major credit cards through Paypal.

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