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FAQs about ConnectCare

1. Can the ConnectCare Family adopt the child?

The goal of ConnectCare is to reunite children with their parents. Our hope is that their home will be more healthy and stable than before the child came into care. Regardless, we make it clear that under no circumstances will parents lose custody of their child while in ConnectCare. This means the children we serve in our ConnectCare program are not available for adoption.


2. How long does a child usually stay with a Care Family?

The average length of stay for a child is about 4 weeks. There are times when placements may need to be extended but priority is given to the Care Family. An extension would only be allowed if it was in the best interest of both the Care Family and the child.


3. What ages of children does the ConnectCare program serve?

ConnectCare generally serves children ages birth through 5 years of age.


4. What type of situations do the children come from?

The children come from families in the midst of a wide range of crises. It could be the parent is struggling with unemployment or homelessness, emotional distress or financial difficulties. There are times when a parent is suffering from poor physical health and need time to heal and gain strength. No matter the circumstance surrounding the crisis, the child(ren) involved need stability, safety, and love. Acceptance of the child into the  ConnectCare program is based on availability of a Care Family when placement is being requested.


5. What type of contact will the Care Family have with the biological parent?

We encourage contact between the parent and the Care Family. The biological parent maintains full custody at all times and therefore we feel it is important to encourage the parent to stay connected to their child through visits or phone calls. However, even if contact between the biological parent and the Care Family is minimal, the parent is required to check in with his/her CFS social worker at least twice a week.

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