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Explanation of Adoption Services and Fees


In our application packet you will find a handbook explaining each of the following in detail:  the home study process, adoptive process, and post-placement requirements for adopting through Christian Family Services, Inc.  In addition, you will be asked to sign an Affirmation of Faith.  The application itself asks questions that help us get to know you and determine how we can help you meet your adoption goals.

Home Study

The Home Study process involves background checks, medical reports, and assessment of your preparation and motivation to adopt.  It involves gathering information and documentation on each family member and the physical, financial, social, emotional, spiritual, and social home environment.  A social worker will meet with you on at least two occasions.  The report from these meeting becomes the document that represents you to the courts and government entities involved in the adoption process.

Home Study Update

Your original home study is valid for one year.  If placement doesn’t occur within that time period, you will need a Home Study Update to satisfy state requirements and remain qualifies for a placement.  You will need to complete our Update Application and have one visit with a social worker.

Child Placement Fee

The placement fee helps to cover services provided by Christian Family Services, Inc., to both the birth and adoptive parents up to and beyond the adoptive placement.  It also covers preparation of court and other documents related to placement as well as one court appearance at the finalization hearing.

Post-Placement Services

Post-Placement visits are required by the states of Missouri and Illinois and involve several visits to your home by a social worker.  Reports from these visits are submitted to the court so that your adoption can be finalized.

Interstate Compact Fee

There are times when the child to be placed for adoption lives in one state and the adoptive family lives in another state.  Interstate Compact law applies to these adoptions.  Legal and administrative procedures are followed and both of the states involved must approve the adoptive placement before the adoptive family can transport the child across state lines.


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