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Day 7: 8 Ways in 8 Days to a Better Marriage


The Beatles sang, “Eight days a week, I love you.” In leading up to Valentine’s Day, we want to give you eight ways in eight days to love your spouse better.

The heading in my Bible for Romans 12:9-21 says “The marks of a true Christian.” Taking our eight ways from this section of scripture, we might say these eight ways are the marks of a true marriage.

Verse 16 tells us “Do not be haughty, Never be wise in your own sight”. Pride can often be an obstacle to connecting in our marriages. Scripture says, “There is a way that seems right to a man”. Of course, we THINK we are right, but we are not right all the time. There is also a way that seems right to my spouse. If I am humble and not haughty, I can see their perspective and connect. Our pride keeps us lonely, humility connects us. Being wise in our own sight keeps us blind to our faults and prevents us from apologizing. A good apology heals the relationship.



Admit what you have been wrong about and apologize. If you can’t apologize, you are haughty.

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